Auto Batching & Mixing Control

Dymantech offers a full range of batching control systems to meet the demanding requirements of today’s concrete industry. All of our industry-leading controls include the latest technology including: graphical user interface that is easy to operate, CompactLogix PLC and PanelView Plus HMI for optimal performance and prewired controls cabinet to reduce installation time and costs. Whether you operate a small masonry plant or a multiple mixer Precast operation, Dymantech has a safe and reliable batching controls solution to fit your needs.

Moisture Measurement Benefits

Why do we want to measure moisture in materials?  A large percentage of industrial processes are very similar in the respect that they blend and mix a variety of raw materials together to produce an end product.  The raw materials will contain a variable amount of moisture and during the process water may be added or removed by means of a drying process to produce a product with specified final moisture content.

Installing Hydronix digital microwave sensors into a new or existing system is simple and for minimal cost the benefits are extensive, often providing payback on the capital outlay in a few months. The benefits of maintaining optimum control of moisture may be briefly summarised as follows:

Reduce Cost

· Reduce costs by reducing the amount of spoiled material.

· Save energy costs by only heating driers / burners to temperature required.

· Save energy costs by reducing the amount of mixing time required.

· Reduce additive costs by knowing the moisture levels of your raw materials.