Optional Features

  • Tamper Feet & Shoes Screwed

    It has advantage that they can be bolted on and replaced easily. This provides easier access and facilitates modification work on the mould equipment. 

  • Flex Tamper Shoes

    Optimal compaction results and perfect surfaces.

  • Heated Tamper Shoes

    The developed by Dymantech can be used in paving stone and slab moulds in particular to reduce the adhesion of the face mix to the tamper shoe surfaces. In general, the use of the heater leads to denser and more impermeable block surfaces, thereby increasing the quality of the concrete products that are produced. 

  • Core Puller Mould

    Used for unusual block designs with lateral profiling. 

  • Hydraulic Displacement Wall

    The folding wall enables kerbstones with face mix on the surface and side faces.