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What to pay attention to when buying a cement brick machine to start a brick factory

Dymantech Machinery believes that the difference between the cement brick machine and the clay brick machine is that as long as there is land, a brick factory can be set up, and the cement brick machine is very picky about the site. With the site and the brick machine equipment, it is not possible to open a cement brick factory. , so friends who set up a cement brick factory should pay attention to it. Before buying a cement brick machine, you must have a detailed understanding of it before you can buy the ideal equipment.

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 The first thing to know when buying a cement brick machine is to know what local raw materials are used to produce cement bricks, such as fly ash, coal gangue, slag, sand, stone powder, construction waste, etc. As long as one kind is enough to start a cement brick factory Conditions, the size of the site is determined according to the daily volume. The daily volume of different types of brick machines is different. Before deciding which type of brick machine to buy, it must be matched with your own site to avoid waste of resources.

 When choosing a venue, attention should be paid to the smooth roads, so that it is convenient for the purchase of raw materials and the transportation of finished products. The smooth roads can reduce some unnecessary expenses. Power and water sources must be abundant. In short, the venue must be close to the road and away from residential areas. Such a venue is the most ideal.

 The above is the analysis of the site and environmental factors required by our dymantech machinery for the cement brick machine. If you don't understand, you can also consult our engineers to answer it for you.


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