HYS1300T hydraulic press block machine

The HSY900 ton hydraulic brick making machine can be press-formed in two directions. After forming, it can realize automatic pallet-free stacking of bricks.

HYS1300 tons double hydraulic press molding machineis based on hydraulic, forming fast, energy saving, product structure uniform strength, no pollution, low noise, no need for irrigation foundation, less investment, quick effect, suitable for the production of colored road bricks, road bricks, etc. (Maximum molding specification 500 x 500 mm). It is an environmental protection and economic hydraulic brick making machine for the interests of the country and the people.

HYS1300T hydraulic press brick machine parameter

Main     Technical Parameter

Model     No.


Production     capacity:

51     pcs/mold (Standard solid brick: 238x113x48mm)

27     pcs/mold  (hollow block: 240x115x90mm)

Forming     Area


Forming     period

Solid     brick: 15-20s   hollow block: 20-25s

Max     pressure

13000KN  1300 T

Max     pressure

2000KN  200 T

Main     power

75     KW

Pump     max pressure

31.5     Mpa

Machine     size

8200x4500x4000   mm

Machine     weight

26000   kg 26 T

Cylinder     diameter

Φ800mm inner

Control     system

Siemens     etc.




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