birck pallets feeding machine

Automatic plate feeder is a machine and equipment independently developed and produced by onnoh machinery, commonly known as automatic plate feeder or brick pallet stacker, automatic plate placing machine, automatic plate loading machine, etc. It is mainly to transport the brick machine support plate to the brick making machine to press the brick into shape.

Automatic plate feeder is a supporting product of cement brick making machine. It is controlled by microcomputer and is suitable for various types of brick machines. Onnoh automatic plate feeder is an adjustable supporting plate frame structure, and the supporting plates of all types of brick making machines are suitable. The realization of full-automatic board loading not only saves labor, but also improves efficiency and greatly reduces the production cost.

Functional features:

1. The onnoh automatic plate feeder adopts an adjustable support plate frame structure, and the support plates of all models of brick making machines are suitable.

2. Full hydraulic system, more convenient, simpler and more flexible plate feeding.

3. Imported PLC computer program control is adopted: forced plate feeding and manual plate feeding are available. Brick machine and plate feeder work synchronously and continuously. Truly achieve the automation synchronization of production, plate feeding and plate lifting. Fully realize automation, intelligence, humanization, safety and efficiency.




1800*2100*2200   mm


L     (550--1300mm)

W     (500--1200mm)

H     (10--40mm)


5.5     KW


1200     KGS


3--5     s

 working principle:

First, the forklift worker puts 30-50 supporting plates on the conveyor belt at the bottom of the loading machine. Turn on the automatic key, and the loading machine will automatically input the brick supporting plate. After the brick supporting plate is lifted to the required height, it will be automatically pressed to tidy up the supporting plate, and then push the supporting plate into the plate warehouse. During operation, another stack of supporting plates can be placed on the conveyor belt for standby. When the previous pallet is used up, the latter pallet is automatically input. The speed can be adjusted automatically to maintain the number of supporting plates in the plate warehouse. Achieve sustained and stable production. It really reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves work efficiency, saves labor and reduces production costs.



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